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Parent/Guardian Account

This is list of the Parents/Guardian that has access to the Parent’s portal.

To view and edit a parents portal click the blue edit icon just across their name.

The left side is the information of the parents and guardian while on the right side is the student they enrolled in the University.

  • To edit an information for the guardian, change or fill the needed information then click “Update Account” to save changes.

To add another student that they will supervise or check, click the “Assign a Student Account” to view the list.

  • Find the student that needs to be added to the list and click “Assign” to add them.
  • All changes made will immediately be reflected on the list.

To reset the password of the parent portal.

  • Click on the “Reset Password” category beside “Account Information”
  • Type in the “Password” that you will change and type again to confirm.
  • Click “Reset” after to save changes.
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