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Site Settings

The last category is the Site Setting. This is a list of the different programs, Student Files, and Academic year.

On the first category the Program, To edit a program name

  1. Click on the blue icon to edit information.
  2. Type in the Name that you wish to change.
  3. Click “Save” after filling up to save changes.

To view the program details, click the green icon.

This is a view of the details of the “Program Category”

The next category is the “Student Type”

Student type category is the list of the different kind of student’s level.

  • Click on the icon with the arrow to view the details.
  • This is a view of the details of the Student type
  • Click “Edit” to Edit a Student Type

Fill in the information you need to change then click “Save” to save changes.

The last category under Site Admins is “Academic Year”

This is a view of the academic year of a specific Program or Department.

  • Click on “Add New Academic Year” green tab
  •  Fill the information needed in order to create.
  •  After filling up the needed information, click “create” to save changes.
  •  The list you added will reflect immediately on the main list of academic Years.

To edit and view a specific academic year, go back to the list and click the name of the academic year you wish to view.

This is the list and the details of the specific academic year you open. To edit click on “Edit” in the upper right of your screen.

  • Fill in the information you wish to change
  • After filling in, click “Save” to save changes.
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