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App Account Manager

Below are the list of personnel that has access to the admin account of MISP.

  • To edit a personnel information, click the blue icon across it.
  • After clicking the blue icon, edit the profile then click “Update Account” to save changes.

To assign a personnel to a certain program, click “Add Program” in the lower left of your screen.

Upon clicking, a tab will slide in your left.

  • Type in the degree program you wish to assign   the personnel.
  • Click the Program that will appear on the screen
  • Click “Add” to save changes.

On the next page is the instructions on how to change your password.

  • Click “Reset Password” to transfer page
  • Type your new password with the Password requirement.
  • Type it again to Confirm.
  • Then click Reset Password to save changes.

To add another user, go back to the main App Account Category and find “Add New User” button

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