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Student Accounts

On the Student List Profile You will see the list of all the students enrolled.

When you click the green icon, you will open the Student Profile and other access.

On the next category after Student Information is the “Program Requirements”.

This is a view of the student Program or the prospectus. The student can check the subject or he/she is done taking and what are the other subjects he/she needs to take.

The next category is the “Online Enrollments”

This is the view of the student’s current enrollment.

If you click open, it will open a summary of the enrollment you entered and its current status.

If you wish to add a student number for the student click on the “Add Student ID number” and add the ID number.

Note: The Admission department is assigned to add the student number so the student will become verified in their department.

The next category is the “Previous Records”

This is a view of all the previous record of the student enrolled.

The list category under Student Profile is the “Account Settings”

This category is to reset the student account password in his/her portal.

  • After filling your new password, Click the “Reset Password” to save the changes.
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