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Accounting Page

A. Accounting Dashboard

On the accounting Dashboard you will see six category which you can use. This is where you see the census of the student’s enrollment status sorted by departments or programs

Enrollment Related

  • Student Payments” will show the pending and approved students in the enrollment.
  • “Unverified Payment” will show the pending students that needs verification
  • “Verified payment” will show the students that are already verified.
  • Click on the “Student Payment” option to see the list of all the enrollees

On this shows all the enrollees verified and not verified. 

  1. Click on the Student Enroll number with the “Not Verified” payment Status

Upon clicking you will be lead to the students accounting profile.

  • To verify click “Verify Payment” on the lower left and click “confirm”.

After confirming the Student Payment Verification you will see an update on the student status that is “Payment Verified”.

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