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Navigating to the left, is the functions and feature of the app.

Click on the Instructor Category.

Upon clicking instructor you will be logged on to this page below:

This is a view of the instructors Profile.

  • To edit the instructors profile information, click on the Edit green button that say “Edit Information”
  • Upon clicking it will open a tab that will let you change your profile information.
  • After editing click on “Update Information” to save the changes you made

The next category after Profile is the instructor’s teaching load.

This is a view of the loads the instructor has or the schedules and subject he/she handles.

  • Click on “Open” to view the program and see its details.

This is a view of the list of schedules and subjects the instructor needs to take.

  • To view details of the specific schedule, Click on the “Manage Class” button on the other side of the name.

Upon clicking it will open a page where all the students enrolled in the subject are listed.

On the left side of the screen are three options that you can use.

  1. Grade Entry
    • This is where you can enter the student’s midterm and finals grade.
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