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Powered by Mindweb eSolutions, this application was made for the University to service the incoming students for their online enrollment. This application aims to provide safety and convenience to enrollees because of the current global crisis. This application consists of but is not limited to:

  • Basic Information

This step is for the basic information such as Names, Emails, Year levels, etc., to register the Student Account in the School Portal. 

  • Schedule and Section 

Part of the process is to enroll in a schedule or subject for your Programs and Year level. The listings of the available schedule and subject are listed in this step. 

  • Documents

You can easily attach your documents in this step. There will be a list of documents needed for submission for you to be able to proceed. If you have no access to a soft copy of your paper in any circumstance, you can wave it and attach it later. 

  • Payment 

Payments are to be made when enrolling. With the different channels provided, you can easily pay the school fees as you go through the process. Or you can opt for the “Pay on Campus” feature. 

  • Confirmation

As you proceed to the next step, you will receive the confirmation of your enrollment. This feature will inform the student that their enrollment has been registered. 

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