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On this page you will see the different listings of the hotel available in your chosen city.

To add a hotel listing click on the “Add” button at the top.

  1. Enter the “Hotel Name” and “City”
  2. Then click “Create” to add to submit it.
  3. The Hotel typed will automatically added to the listing.

To add and Edit Hotel Rooms “Click Details” on the hotel you wish to edit.

  • Upon clicking details you will be led to the different room type available for the particular hotel.
  • To add another room of the same type click “Add Rooms to Main” or to your desired room type.

On the next page is how to add another room type

  • Enter the “Room Type” you wish to add (i.e. Deluxe, Standard, or Twin Bedroom, etc)
  • Enter the “Room Rate” or Price.
  • Then enter the “Number of Guest” allowed per room. Click Submit.

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