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Powered by Mindweb eSolutions, this application was made for the University to service the students with their program courses. To be able to let them experience the convenience and reality in life.  This application aims to provide safety and proper guidelines in using the product to the best of its ability. This application consists of but is not limited to:

  • Global

       A step that guides you through your travel plans, gives you choices and idea on where and what country to travel to.

  • Hotels

       Providing comfort and care anywhere and anytime you want. Showing you great hotel choices in the most convenient way.

  • Airlines

       Letting you experience smooth flying without hassle. From direct to layover flights. Book your trip with the best airline at the best flying time.

  • Tours

                   Experiencing the world without thinking where to next. This step gives you the experience on booking trips itineraries etc. giving us a glimpse on traveling spontaneously.  

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