Even Dolphins Can Fly

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Even Dolphins Can Fly

Scientists are not certain about the purpose why dolphins leap above water and perform acrobatic figures. They speculated some reasons to include: locating schools of fish by looking at above-water, communicating with other dolphins, dislodging parasites or playing with others. Play is important part of dolphin culture thus, mastering and perfecting the art of leaping made them feel great and powerful.

How dolphins leap at great heights is really amazing. Researchers claimed that dolphins use their powerful tail flukes in an up and down motion to move through the water and leap into the air. By continuously performing the action, they learn and they perfected it. But, how strong its tail flukes to throw its body of almost 300 kg of weight into the air? This question needs more research to uncover the impossibility behind it.

If we continuously find ways, innovate and do the things we think impossible to achieve as what dolphins did, I am sure we will succeed.

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