Exclusive Hosting

Exclusive Hosting


Hosting is the act of placing any web application on a server. Its purpose is to make web-based apps accessible to its users 24/7 using web browsers. Without it, a web app cannot be accessed.

Why exclusive?

Mindweb clients can only avail of the exclusive hosting service. Customers cannot avail the of exclusive hosting without getting another service from Mindweb.

Starting Price for Exclusive Hosting
per month
  • Frequent Back-Up
  • Support
  • Free Domain Name Registration

How it works?

Mindweb eSolutions allocates space on a web server for a web app to store its files. Mindweb’s hosting partner is GoDaddy and Microsoft Azure, Mindweb partners with these companies to use their web servers as a resource for hosting.


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What makes Mindweb eSolutions the best provider of hosting services?

Mindweb eSolutions partners with the top cloud providers that ensure the security of data, high service availability with zero chance of downtime, and scalability to carry the needs of the entire organization (regardless of the number of users).