Mindweb Human Resource Information System

Mindweb Human Resource Information System



Mindweb’s HR Pro is a web-based application designed to automate the process of managing employees.  Stay at the peak of success without compromising your skills. Take care of your employee by giving them the convenience your company provides. With the all-in-one access for all their needs, you get to give them the assistance and benefits anytime and anywhere they need it.


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HR Pro

Manage your company and employees with HR pro, we offer the best management resource in the market. Giving you the order and finest way to handle your employee and keeping it in good order. HR Pro has different features that speak convenience and quality system.

Two portals are designed to improve your HR process:

1. Employee Portal

2. Manager Portal

Managing employees is never easy. With our HR Pro, the way to be the best is just a click away!

Employee Management
Keep yourself updated with the current status of your team with the Employee Management feature you can see the progress and current status of your projects.
Attendance Monitoring
Monitor your employee attendance, by checking their clock in and clock out on that day.
Payroll Management
Access your payslip and find your salary record online! One Account for every worker that has all her employment records including her pay records.
Online Leave Request
Skip the hassle of filing through paper for your personal and sick leave. By submitting an online form to your account, you can secure a paid absent conveniently
Applicant Portal
Manage employee application online, accept incoming applications in the future through the all-in-one app.
Chat Module
Communicate with your teammates, supervisors, or any one in your company. With this module, you can send messages in an instant.

Why choose HR Pro?

HR Pro offers you the best of the best quality application. The multipurpose app that gives you everything that you need for your company and employee. It gives you the easy access to all your projects, deadlines, and keeps you on track for all your employees status.
Starting Price for HR Pro Subscription
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What makes Mindweb the provider of the best Human Resource System?

Mindweb eSolutions is the home for every talented software developers. We developed this app to make everything worthwhile, easy and productive for our employee. This app has been used and tested by all the Mindweb employees and it has help us grow and be more efficient with our jobs and tasks.