If you can’t flap then flip

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If you can’t flap then flip

Penguins are really birds. But why, they can’t fly?

Birds that spend most of their time in the air need to be lightweight and must have sturdy wing bone. Unfortunately, penguins are chubby and their wings are adapted not to fly. However, they are great swimmers and divers.

Their wings have morphed into flippers and their torpedo-shapes body allows them to swim under water at high speeds. They are very streamlined with strong flippers that can propel them through the water with ease. Some species are capable of short bursts of greater than 20 mph and can maintain speeds of 9 mph. They use bursts of speed to launch themselves onto steep rocky shorelines or icebergs. And with their physical characteristics, they are considered as the fastest swimmer among other birds.

Let us not be frustrated on things we could not get. Why not venture into other opportunities for it might be in there we will excel and succeed. Like penguins, upon knowing their limitations, they flip instead and never flap.

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