Mindweb Integrated School Portal

Mindweb Integrated School Portal


Mindweb Integrated School Portal (MISP) is a cloud-based application that offers a complete solution in the management of your school.
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MISP Modules

Online Enrollment System
Online Enrollment System is a web-based system that provides a hassle-free enrollment process for students and the school's admission office.
Online Payment System
MISP provides an online payment channel where students, parents, or guardians can pay their enrollment fees, tuition fees, and other related fees.
Accounting System
MISP offers a comprehensive accounting system that facilitates an automated presentation of important accounting data.
Class Management System
MISP provides an easy way to manage a class. This module helps teachers in generating this class list, adding class meeting links, inputting grades, and viewing their classes.
Student Information Management System
The MISP is designed to help schools track and manage all their student data – everything from grades, assessment, attendance, records, and etc.
Grading System
Instructors can easily input the grades of his/her corresponding students using any device, any web browser, anytime, and anywhere.

Your One-Stop School Portal

  • Student Portal
  • Parent Portal
  • Teacher Portal
  • Dean/Principal Portal
  • Administration Portal

MISP is a comprehensive all-in-one application that will streamline your current processes and offer you significant room to better the way how you manage your schools.


Personalized Features For Your School

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, we supply our schools with an “all you can eat” package. The ability for schools to enable new features as and when the school needs and at no additional cost is a powerful proposition that many software companies are not able to offer.