Moodle LMS Management and Support

Moodle LMS Management and Support


TeachTech’s LMS Hosting and Management is a service that offers the hosting of Moodle LMS through Mindweb’s cloud provider partners and its management from account creation to training of students and teachers.

Moodle LMS is an open-source secure, feature-rich software platform that runs on any computer server and all common devices to create a web-based online learning space containing “courses” full of resources and activities.

Moodle is the best open-source learning management platform.

(According to a study conducted by The Digital Project Manager)

Our affordable LMS services includes the following:

We provide your own LMS platform.
We will install and deploy the LMS using the Moodle platform on your school.
We partner with the best web-hosting provider.
We will host and manage the applications and its databases into a secure, scalable, and high availability cloud environment of Microsoft Azure or GoDaddy.
We provide 24/7 support.
We will assign dedicated helpdesk personnel to support you 24/7.
We provide training.
We will conduct online training to teachers and publish training materials.
We set-up your LMS.
We will set up the topic outlines of all subjects following the MELC and provide free access to K-12 resources.
Starting Price for Moodle LMS Hosting and Management
/ student / month
  • Hosting
  • 24/7 Support
  • User Training
  • Access to TeachTech Online Course Site
  • Free School Website Development

Why choose Mindweb as your LMS provider?

We are using the best cloud providers – Microsoft Azure and GoDaddy.

Mindweb eSolutions is using Microsoft Azure or GoDaddy as a cloud provider, by doing so, we can ensure the security of data, high service availability with zero chance of downtime, and scalability to carry the needs of the entire organization (regardless of the number of users).

We have a dedicated 24/7 Support team.

Mindweb eSolutions is committed to providing you with quality 24/7 live customer support that will cater to all of the needs of our users. Our 24/7 Support Team is composed of individuals who are tasked to give technical support for the Learning Management System, Mindweb Integrated School Portal, and university websites developed and maintained by us.