Online Enrollment System

Online Enrollment System


Mindweb’s Online Enrollment System (OES) is a web application that caters to the needs of online admission for all types of students. OES is designed to address the enrollment process of basic educations students, undergraduate students, and graduate students.

Complete Enrollment Process in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1
Fill Application Form
Step 2
Upload Documents
Step 3
Choose A Section To Enroll
Step 4
Payment Of Enrollment Fee
Step 5
Confirmation Of Enrollment


your bridge to a hassle-free enrollment

01. Mobile Responsive
02. Web-application
03. User friendly
04. Available 24/7
05. For all type of enrollment
06. Easily attach admission requirements
07. Accept online payment
08. Auto-generated enrollment notification
09. Generate reports in an instant
10. Hassle-free enrollment process

Survey Results

Mindweb’s OES was used by the University of the Visayas campuses in their enrollment for the 1st and 2nd semesters of the school year 2020 – 2021. Using the data gathered, Mindweb eSolutions conducted an online survey from its 88 enrollees as their respondents with the goal in mind to determine how the Online Enrollment System affects their enrollment process in terms of satisfaction, user-friendliness, the responsiveness of the 24/7 support, and the duration of the overall online enrollment procedure.

Online Enrollment System Features

Class Scheduler
One of the core processes of enrollment is class scheduling. With Mindweb's OES, enrollment managers are provided with a system that plots subjects with just a click of a button.
Document Repository
With Mindweb's OES, documents are managed in one place. These documents will be converted to soft copies, making them accessible using the system, anytime and anywhere.
Online Payment
Providing online payment channels such as Paypal and Gcash is one of the pros of OES. It also offers an interface where the students upload the payment details they made through banking companies.
Email Notification
OES generates email notifications to be received by the enrollees, these notifications are for confirmations, payment, approval of the enrollment. This notification module lets the students be updated with their enrollment.
Report Builder
OES can be used as a tool to generate reports effortlessly. Reports can be exported daily, weekly, and monthly. These reports are designed to fit the needs of each actor in a school setting, from Administration to coordinators.
Form Generator
Enrollment forms are used for enrollment in a traditional face-to-face process. In OES, these enrollment forms will be automatically be converted to a format that can be downloaded and printed for record purposes.

What Do Our Users Say About OES?

“It was everything we wanted, you responded quickly to our needs including our wants. You gave personalized service and never failed to address concerns promptly even during the wee hours of the day. One satisfied customer here.”

– Resty Picardo, University of the Visayas Registrar.”

“As part of our school’s admission department, mindweb’s MISP is indeed a great tool, easy to navigate, friendly user interface, simplified tabs for easy access on enrolment confirmation, and enrolment statistics, I hope there will be more development on this program in the near future. Kudos to the developers.”

– Eldon Rey M. Pantino, UV-Mandaue College Faculty

Why choose OES?

Online Enrollment System utilizes one of the world’s top cloud providers – Microsoft Azure, thus ensuring the utmost security of your school’s data and accessibility even during times of surge of application users. It has the best-of-class features which other school systems are lacking. OES has 24/7 live support that will help you in anything that you need with regards to the app, any time of the day. OES can be modified to fit the needs of your school.

We, at Mindweb eSolutions, are committed to providing the best software solutions to our clients. We are excited to present the software for your needs. Contact us now and bridge your way to technology.