Our Products

Our Products

We envision to be part of our customer success. Thus, we do our best to offer only products which we believed to be an efficient tool for our customers in performing their tasks at work or at home. Please feel free to discover the unique features our products can offer under the categories listed.

Concepts of task automation are not only applicable to large business enterprises. An individual either a self-employed or working in a small organization is not limited to use whatever tools that make his/her task easier. The use of control system and information technologies to increase time and work efficiency is what our database application products stand for.

Our products under this category focus on providing our target clients with database application software that they can use as a tool to automate their office or personal record/data related tasks. These applications are customized according to their needs and requirements. We used the Microsoft Technology Platforms in the design and development of the applications to ensure compatibility with the Microsoft environment on client’s computer.



[box] We are showcasing our first and robust application – Class Database System – which will be available for distributions to both Secondary and Elementary Teachers of Private and Secondary Schools in the Philippines starting SY 2014-2015. [/box]




 [box] Provide your customers with a tool that they can use in tracking their freight. The Freight Tracking System is an ideal software solution for cargo and shipment tracking for it has the ability to monitor the status of shipments quickly and easily in real-time.[/box]



[box]The Apartment Rental System is specifically developed to facilitate the management of short or long-term rental apartments. It’s a 100% Web based application that can be used by both the tenants and the apartment owners.[/box]


Online learning has become enormously popular nowadays. Millions of students are involved in distance or online courses througout the world. We, at Mindweb eSolutions, adept to the trend of today’s way of imparting learning. We utilize the Online Learning technology as our means to impact learning to those who want to become skilled at database designing and programming. We are using the same technology in providing tools for those who prepare to take Professional Career Examinations or College/Universities Admission Test.

Database Programming Courses
Wherever you are. Whatever you do. You can learn Database Development or Programming at your own pace from anywhere in the world! Learn and be trained without having to leave the comforts of your place to avail of first-rate essentials!

Test Preparation Courses
Worried about passing the Professional Licensure Examination for Teachers, the Civil Service Examination or College/ University Admission Examinations? Get the best value for money review package in town and increase your chances of passing those examinations in a breeze. Learn in an easy yet guaranteed process which is a product of careful research and years of professional experience.

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