TeachTech Online Tutorial

TeachTech Online Tutorial


TeachTech Online Tutorial is a service that offers affordable tutorial sessions to students. The tutorial covers different subjects for basic education and higher education students. Our online tutoring provides supplemental academic help outside of regular school hours. Highly qualified professionals deliver instruction, clarify any questions that students may have, and assist children with class assignments or homework.

How it works?

Learners can enroll in their desired subjects and meet at least twice a week. Teachers and one to ten learners will meet through Microsoft Teams. Learners can get free access to the resources from the TeachTech eLearning Site of the subject they enrolled in.

How it’s checked for quality?

Our team makes sure that all instructors are highly qualified. One member of the team will be observing the tutorial. Feedback forms will be submitted by participants that will help the team improve the services.

Tutoring is a valuable supplement for any student that desires maximum academic success.

Starting Price for Online Tutorial
per session
  • per student
  • Support
  • Recorded Session
  • Access to TeachTech's LMS

Why choose TeachTech as your online tutorial provider?

TeachTech is an online learning provider for years. We envision a world where anyone, anywhere has the power to break through boundaries and transform lives through learning. We are online education experts who are committed to providing high-quality learning content, programs, and experiences that deliver the learning results we have promised.

Teachtech is a home for every people who want to grow their knowledge through the use of technology.