Virtual Learning Environment

Virtual Learning Environment


Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a cloud-based software package that enables students, teachers, and various educational-support functions to work better together, to exchange information, and to teach and to be taught. This package is mainly composed of an eLearning Platform, Integrated School Portal, and school website.


Online Enrollment System

Mindweb’s Online Enrollment System (OES) is a web application that caters to the needs of online admission for all types of students.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a software that lets parents or guardians access the school records of their children online.

Learning Management System

eLearning platform is a software for the administration, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses online.

Student Portal

The student portal is s software that lets students manage their school information online.

Dean/Principal Portal

The Dean/Principal Portal is software for administering the information handled by the dean or principal.

Teacher Portal

The teacher portal is s software that enables teachers to manage their classes online.

Administration Portal

Administration Portal is a software that provides broad management of school information.

School Website

A school website is a software that displays the basic information of the school.

Learning Management System

  • Install and deploy the LMS using the Moodle platform on your campus.
  • Host and manage the applications and its databases into a secure, scalable, and high availability cloud environment of Microsoft Azure
  • Assign dedicated helpdesk personnel to support 24/7
  • Conduct online training to teachers and publish training materials
  • Set up the topic outlines of all subjects following the MELC and provide free access to K-12 resources

Mindweb Integrated School Portal

  • Student Portal
  • Parent Portal
  • Teacher Portal
  • Dean/Principal Portal
  • Administration Portal

What makes Mindweb eSolutions the provider of quality applications?

Mindweb eSolutions is using Microsoft Azure as a cloud provider to ensure the security of data, high service availability with zero chance of downtime, and scalability to carry the entire organization’s needs (regardless of the number of users).

Mindweb eSolutions developed the Mindweb Integrated School Portal application under the latest version of Microsoft ASP.Net core framework. This provides us compatibility with Microsoft Azure as our cloud provider. This framework is trusted by huge organizations around the world. By utilizing Microsoft technology, it guarantees us security and ease in maintaining the application.

Mindweb eSolutions is committed to providing you with quality 24/7 live customer support that will cater to all of the needs of our users any time of the day. Our 24/7 Support Team comprises individuals tasked to give technical assistance for the Learning Management System, Mindweb Integrated School Portal, and university websites developed by Mindweb.

Through our VLE package, Mindweb eSolutions can provide the educational entity the needed resources to bridge the educational gaps and dilemmas brought about by the pandemic.